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Introducing the Speer® Impact Bullet: Precision Engineered for the Long-Range Hunter

Elevate your hunting experience with the Speer® Impact bullet, a state-of-the-art projectile designed to take your hunts, handloads, and precision shots to the next level. Merging the resilience of molecularly bonded construction with the efficiency of a high ballistic coefficient, the Speer® Impact bullet is crafted for hunters and shooters who demand the best in performance and accuracy.

Advanced Features for Superior Performance:

  • Groundbreaking Slipstream™ Polymer Tip: At the forefront of aerodynamic design, the Slipstream™ tip ensures an ideal meplat for improved flight stability, while its hollow core design initiates expansion even at velocities 200 fps lower than other designs. This innovative feature ensures deep penetration and remarkable accuracy across varying distances.

  • Molecularly Fused Jacket: Engineered for maximum weight retention and enhanced accuracy, the molecularly fused jacket of the Speer® Impact bullet delivers outstanding performance and reliability shot after shot.

  • Optimized Ballistic Coefficients: With a ballistic coefficient of .526, the Speer® Impact bullet guarantees flatter trajectories and exceptional long-range performance, making every shot count.

  • Versatile Performance: Designed to offer profound penetration at close ranges and consistent expansion at long distances, this bullet is your solution for a versatile hunting experience.

  • Competitive Pricing: Despite its advanced features and superior performance, the Speer® Impact bullet remains competitively priced, ensuring top-tier quality is accessible to all shooters and hunters.


  • Caliber: .264
  • Grain Weight: 140
  • Bullet Style: Speer Impact
  • Material: Lead
  • Ballistic Coefficient: .526 (G1: .526, G7: .262 at 3,000-2,500 fps; G1: .522, G7: .263 at 2,500-2,000 fps; G1: .489, G7: .250 at 2,000-1,500 fps)
  • Sectional Density: 0.287
  • Diameter: 0.26 in / 6.71 mm
  • Package Quantity: 50

Whether you're engaging targets at mid-range or dialing in for that long-distance shot, the Speer® Impact bullet is engineered to provide exceptional performance where it matters most. With its superior construction, innovative design, and versatile capabilities, the Speer® Impact bullet is the ideal choice for hunters and shooters aiming to push their limits further.

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