Archery Lessons

Heights Archery Academy is where Manitoban's of all ages come to learn the wonderful sport of archery. Our large indoor shooting range offers plenty of space in a relaxed and fun environment, where students are able to progress at their own pace. Our certified instructors look after the development and safety of all the students, as well as guide the archers towards optional achievement awards. Safety is of the utmost importance at all times. We encourage families to join the classes together, as it makes a fantastic activity that everyone can enjoy.    All abilities can be accommodated. We work with students aged 6 and up. Adult only classes are also offered.

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Heights Archery Academy Lesson Information Guide

Classes open to both youth and adults:

$65 TRY ARCHERY (Level 1) 4 classes - Tuesday 6:00pm or Tuesday 7:00pm

$115 LEARN TO SHOOT (Level 2) 8 classes - Monday 6:00pm, Monday 7:00pm, Saturday 9:00am, Saturday 10:00am or Saturday 11:00am

$130 ARCHER (Level 3) 10 classes - Thursday 6:00pm   *own equipment needed*

$195 COMPETITOR (Advanced) 15 classes - Thursday 7:00pm   *own equipment needed*

Adult only classes:

$65 ADULT TRY ARCHERY   4 classes - Tuesday 8:00pm

$115 ADULT LEARN TO SHOOT 8 classes - Monday 8:00pm

$130 ADULT ARCHER 10 classes - Thursday 8:00pm   *own equipment needed*


Try Archery: Tuesday September 6th

Learn to Shoot: Saturday September 10th / Monday September 12th

Archer: Thursday September 8th

Competitor: Thursday September 8th

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