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Dan McCarthy Premium Signature 26 Series Shaft - Maximum Diameter for Elite Competition

Product Overview: Step up your game with the Dan McCarthy PS26 Premium Signature Series Shaft, meticulously developed by the acclaimed multi-time IBO & ASA champion, Dan McCarthy. This series is tailored for archers aiming for the pinnacle of competitive achievement. Featuring ultra-tight tolerances, this 100% carbon shaft combines durability with performance, designed to endure the rigors of real-world tournament conditions. Its large 26/64" diameter makes it the ideal choice for indoor or 3D competition shooting, providing you with an edge in accuracy and consistency.

Safety First: Prioritize safety with every shot. Ensure proper use and handling to maintain the integrity of your competition experience.

Key Features:

  • Precision Engineering: .001 Straightness or Straighter for unparalleled accuracy.
  • Consistent Performance: +/- 1 Grain Weight Tolerance ensures uniformity in each shot.
  • Optimal Length: 32" Shaft Length caters to a broad range of archery disciplines.
  • Customization Ready: Comes ready to be fitted with your choice of bushings, nocks, points, and vanes. Components are sold separately for a fully tailored archery experience.

Specifications for Perfect Fit:

  • Unsure about sizing? Refer to our SIZING CHART for the ideal fit.
  • Spine Variations:
    • 250: .370" Inner Diameter, .410" Outer Diameter, 9.6 GPI
    • 300: .370" Inner Diameter, .408" Outer Diameter, 8.8 GPI
    • 350: .370" Inner Diameter, .406" Outer Diameter, 8.5 GPI
    • 400: .370" Inner Diameter, .404" Outer Diameter, 8.2 GPI

Please Note:

  • Hot Melt adhesive is NOT recommended for use with Black Eagle Arrow shafts.
  • Cleaning Recommendations: Avoid cleaners for both inside and outside the shaft. Use a Q-Tip or paper towel for maintenance.

Components Required: Don't forget to select your preferred bushings, nocks, points, and vanes to complete your setup and maximize your performance.

Elevate your archery experience with the Dan McCarthy Premium Signature 26 Series Shaft, where durability meets precision for the serious competitor.

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