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The AMP white elk diaphragm has locator type volume.  This is a single reed that produces deep mature cow sounds, along with producing herd bull sounds.

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1 Review
Mark Hurst 2020 Aug 18th

Great call but consider an alternative...

I'll start with a disclaimer; I only started to learn to call elk last year so take from this what you will. Over the last year, I've purchased calls made by Elk Inc, Rocky Mountain/Elk101, Carlton (Native), Primos and Phelps. Far and away, I have found the Phelps to be the best made, longest lasting and easiest to use. Maybe they just fit my palate better, who knows? As a beginner, once I had narrowed down my brand to Phelps, I bought a few calls, this AMP White was one of them. I like this call and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it but it seems to me to just be a different coloured version of the Pitch Black #1 call. Maybe it's my inexperience but they both call and sound the same to me. If that is what you need without the 3-pack, go for it. I'd recommend the 3-pack Pitch Black Series for beginners and intermediates though.

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