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This reed has been specifically designed for the most authentic bugles, and realistic cow calls to meet the demands of World Elk Calling Champion Dirk Durham.

The latex in this reed is stretched tight to an optimum point which allows the call will settle in for the longest possible duration of calling perfection. With this in mind, after 20+ hard bugles, the reed will begin settling in and continue to sound better and better.

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2 Reviews
Mark Hurst 2020 Aug 18th

Love this call

I'll start with a disclaimer; I only started to learn to call elk last year so take from this what you will. Over the last year, I've purchased calls made by Elk Inc, Rocky Mountain/Elk101, Carlton (Native), Primos and Phelps. Far and away, I have found the Phelps to be the best made, longest lasting and easiest to use. Maybe they just fit my palate better, who knows? As a beginner, once I had narrowed down my brand to Phelps, I bought a few calls, this AMP Maverick was one of them. The latex in this call makes it easy to use and realistic calls come quickly to the beginner. If you are looking to start out learning to call elk, I'd definitely recommend this one for cow calls, at least.

Raymond Menard 2020 Aug 7th

My favourite reed

I’ve tried several reeds and the Phelps Maverick provides the most consistent sounds for me. It’s easy to use, provides great bugles and any variety of elk sounds one wants to make. My go to reed.

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