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Experience unparalleled protection for your scope with our tailor-made lens covers – the ultimate accessory for any hunter or shooter. Designed to conform precisely to your scope's dimensions, they offer an impermeable barrier against water and air, maintaining performance even in the harshest environments. The effortless flip-open mechanism allows for rapid targeting, ensuring that you never miss those critical moments.

Key Features:

  • Rapid-Access Design: Keep your focus locked on the target with a swift, silent flip-open action that prepares you to take the shot instantly.

  • Stealth Operation: The silent spring hinges ensure absolute quiet, essential for keeping your presence undetected in the wild.

  • Custom-Fit Security: Engineered with water-tight friction mounts, our covers stay firmly in place on your scope, guaranteeing protection without fail.

  • Sealed Against the Elements: The semi-O-ring seal blocks dust and moisture, ensuring clear vision no matter the conditions, tested to remain flexible and functional at -40°F.

  • Universal Use: Whether you're right or left-handed, our design is made for ease of use for every shooter.

  • Ultra-Lightweight: At less than an ounce, these covers add no noticeable weight to your gear, maintaining the balance and feel of your scope.

Enhance your shooting experience without compromise. Shield your scope lens with our covers and stay ready for whatever nature throws your way.

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