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The Grizzly is a legendary bow that has been proving itself since 1950. To this day, it’s a highly valued partner for many traditional shooters. Mr. Bear made the last change to the Grizzly in 1964, and this value-priced bow continues to provide big performance that goes easy on the budget. Whether you’re new to traditional archery, or a long-time expert, the Grizzly is a sure shooter for your skill level.

 The 1-piece riser is crafted from red Hard-Rock Maple and features limbs overlaid with clear maple backed and faced with high strength black fiberglass.

  • Crowned, cut-on center arrow shelf with Bear Hair Rest and leather side plate
  • Dacron Flemish string
  • 58" AMO length


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1 Review

Jared 2020 Jul 21st

Bear Archery Grizzly Recurve 50lbs

I've never tried traditional archery so I was very uneasy about purchasing a bow I couldn't shoot before hand. I did a lot of research and spoke to people who had done what I had hoped to do in Traditional Archery and felt spending more money on a reputable bow would be a good investment. I'm glad I did.

It's very light weight, it shoots well and looks great. 58" seems like a good size for hunting.

A few points, it doesn't come with a stringer. You'll need that so you don't damage the limbs. It does have the hair rest on the shelf which is nice. It may require some string silencers but the vibration isn't uncomfortable. There is no nock point on the string.

Very happy so far. I'll need a year of practice before I'll be comfortable taking big game.

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