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Federal® Varmint & Predator .223 Remington 53 Grain Ammunition

Elevate your hunting experience with the Federal® Varmint & Predator .223 Remington 53 Grain ammo, designed to deliver unparalleled precision and devastating impact. Perfect for hunters targeting everything from prairie dogs to coyotes, this ammunition combines top-quality components and engineering to ensure every shot counts.

Product Features:

  • Grain Weight: 53
  • Muzzle Velocity: 3400 feet per second, ensuring a swift, accurate trajectory.
  • Bullet Design: Features the Hornady® V-Max® bullet for explosive expansion upon impact, delivering maximum effectiveness against varmint and predators.
  • Consistency & Reliability: Each round is crafted with Federal's high-quality brass, primers, and propellants for unmatched accuracy and reliability.
  • Ballistic Coefficient: .290, designed for superior aerodynamics and performance.
  • Bullet Length: 0.829 in. / 21.05mm, optimized for stability and precision.
  • Terminal Performance: Maintains effectiveness at a minimum velocity of 1600 feet per second.
  • Pack Quantity: 20 rounds per package, ideal for extended hunting sessions.
  • Usage: Specially designed for varmint hunting, providing the performance hunters demand.

Enhance your hunting arsenal with Federal® Varmint & Predator .223 Remington 53 Grain ammunition, where precision meets explosive performance. Secure your supply today and ensure you're prepared for your next varmint or predator hunt.

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