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True helical fletching doubles the arrow spin rate and gives you tighter groups, better broadhead flight, flatter trajectory and a quieter arrow.

High-speed footage shows that an arrow with true helical (curved) vanes spins at over twice the rate of an arrow with angled vanes. This faster spin rate causes the arrow to stabilize much faster. Of course, this results in improved accuracy. You will get noticeably tighter groups and improved broadhead flight.

Why not just angle the vanes more? Because added angle also increases drag, which slows the arrow and increases arrow noise.

Amazingly, the curved vanes reduce drag, as evidenced by flatter trajectory. In fact, tests show that arrows drop six inches less at 100 yards with curved or true helical vanes compared with typical angled vanes. And, noise is also reduced.

The Mini E-Z fletch is designed to fletch any carbon or aluminum arrow from Ultra Micro diameter all the way up to 5/16″ standard diameter. This tool will fletch vanes or feathers up to 3″ long. This tool gives a strong right helical for maximum broadhead stabilization and accuracy. Innovative design allows for adhesion of 1, 2, or 3 fletchings at a time.

  • Accomodates arrows up 5/16″ in diameter
  • Fletchs vanes or feathers up to 3″ long
  • Right helical
  • Accomodates Ultra Micro diameter arrows
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