Archery Ladies Compounds

We have many excellent ladies compound bows and bow packages to choose from. Whether looking for archery for beginners or have been bowhunting for many seasons we have a bow to suit your needs. Shop here for great bows like the PSE Drive X SD or the Bowtech Archery Eva Shockey Signature Series or get a valued loaded entry level package like the PSE Uprising, the Diamond Archery Edge 320 or Bowtech Archery Carbon Rose R.A.K. equipped package. We understand that women are built differently then men and sometimes that means they need a bow suit to their body, and shooting needs. If your a local come test fire a bow at our Winnipeg shooting range, we have a 26 lane indoor archery range with plenty of space to shoot. We will assist you in your purchase if you aren't sure exactly what you want in a bow!