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Black Eagle Talon Crested Hunting Arrows

Get accurate shots whether you’re hunting or target shooting with our Black Eagle Talon Crested Hunting Arrows. They're built tough and come in various sizes to match your needs.

Why You'll Like Them

  • Strong and Durable: Made from high-quality carbon fiber.
  • Easy to See: Bright yellow crest helps you see where your arrow goes.
  • Accurate: Each arrow is sorted by spine and weight for top accuracy.

Great For

  • Hunting deer, elk, and other big game.
  • Hitting the target accurately at shooting ranges.

Choose Your Style: We offer different spine and weight options to find the right fit for your bow.

Key Details

  • Straightness Choices: Choose between .001" and .003" for precise flight.
  • Consistent Weight: Each arrow has a weight tolerance of ± 1 grain.
  • Length: Arrows are 32" long.

Included with Your Arrows

  • Nocks and Inserts: Flo-Yellow Black Eagle Arrows Standard Nock (8 Grains), and .2445 Inserts (14 Grains).
  • Vanes: 2" Q2I Rapt-X Vanes in Flo-Yellow and White (22.5 Grains total).

Additional Components Don’t forget to grab some extras to keep your kit complete.


  • Check our sizing chart to pick the right arrows for your use.
  • Spine options available: 300, 350, 400, 500 with specific diameters and GPI. Adding a crest increases GPI by .01.

Care Tips

  • Do Not Use Hot Melt: It's best for these arrow shafts.
  • Cleaning: Use a Q-Tip or paper towel without cleaners.

Why Choose These Arrows? Our Black Eagle Talon Crested Hunting Arrows are straightforward, dependable, and ready to perform, whether you're aiming at game or targets.


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