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Ammo Slicker – Keep Ammo Secure. Never drop your ammo again!

Ammo Slicker™ is an innovative ammo holder built with special non-slip neoprene and a catch pocket to keep ammo secure. Ammo Slicker™ completely covers the ammo and fits most rifle butt-stocks on the market. In addition, there is a catch pocket to keep ammo secure. Ammo Slicker completely covers the ammo and has adjustable fit, therefore, fitting most rifle buttstocks on the market. Ammo Slicker allows you to always have the right amount of rounds when you need it.

  • Secure- never drops ammo
  • Quick Access
  • Grips butt-stock with non-slip neoprene
  • Adjustable- flexible - to fit most buttstocks
  • Large Caliber fits: .308 & .270 up to .338 and holds 7 rounds
  • Shotgun fits: 20 Ga. up to 12Ga. and holds 5 rounds
  • Pocket fits: 3- .50 cal. black powder speed loaders or a box of .22 shells / pellets / accessories
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