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Introducing the World's Only Brushless Bore Cleaner - Wipe-Out™

Revolutionize your firearm maintenance with Wipe-Out™, the cutting-edge solution to all your bore cleaning challenges.

The primary purpose of any bore cleaning product is to eliminate residues that negatively impact firearm accuracy and its lifespan. Wipe-Out™ addresses these issues head-on.

Firearms inevitably accumulate fouling, including powder residues, metal deposits from bullets, carbon buildup from burning powder, and even molybdenum introduced by coated bullets. As these residues accumulate within the barrel, firearm accuracy deteriorates.

Wipe-Out™ excels at removing all four types of fouling:

  1. Powder fouling (smokeless or black powder)
  2. Metal fouling (copper or lead alloy)
  3. Carbon deposits
  4. Molybdenum (commonly introduced by the use of molybdenum-coated bullets)

By effectively eliminating these fouling types, Wipe-Out™ restores accuracy to barrels with plenty of usable life remaining.

Traditional products may offer pleasant scents but fall short when it comes to addressing the fouling issues that cause accuracy loss.

It's normal for firearms to experience accuracy loss after prolonged use, but with Wipe-Out™, you can maintain peak performance and accuracy throughout your shooting sessions.

Experience the revolution in bore cleaning – choose Wipe-Out™ for precision, reliability, and peak firearm performance.

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