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ELEY Semi-Auto Benchrest Precision Ammunition

Elevate Your Shooting Precision with ELEY

Introducing the ELEY Semi-Auto Benchrest Precision – the ammunition that bridges the gap between uncompromising quality and the unique demands of semi-auto benchrest shooting. Drawing from the engineering prowess that crafted the renowned ELEY tenex, the leading .22LR target round, this ammunition is designed to meet the highest standards of accuracy, consistency, and reliability. Ideal for competitive shooters who refuse to compromise, ELEY Semi-Auto Benchrest Precision is your ally in securing victory.

Key Features:

  • Superior Precision: Engineered for unmatched accuracy to support high-level competitive achievements.
  • Round Nose Bullet Profile: Optimized for stability and performance, enhancing your shooting experience.
  • Consistent Performance: Each round is a testament to ELEY's commitment to consistency, ensuring reliable shooting results match after match.
  • Specially Designed For: High-level competitive shooters who demand the best in semi-auto benchrest disciplines.


  • Intended Use: Semi-Auto Benchrest shooting, where precision and consistency are paramount.
  • Compatible Firearm: Designed for .22LR Semi-Auto Benchrest Rifles, providing a perfect synergy between ammunition and firearm.
  • Bullet Profile: ELEY tenex rapid fire pistol round nose, known for its precision.
  • Cartridge Length: 25.4mm / 1 inch, crafted for optimal chambering and alignment.
  • Bullet Weight: 2.59 grams / 40 grains, balanced for superior trajectory and impact.
  • Velocity: Averages between 314m/s – 326m/s (1030ft/s – 1070ft/s), delivering consistent speed for reliable performance.
  • Lubricant: EP2723, enhancing the bullet's journey and protecting your firearm.

Experience the Difference with ELEY:

ELEY understands that in the world of competitive benchrest shooting, there's no room for error. That's why the Semi-Auto Benchrest Precision ammunition is designed with a focus on what matters most – accuracy, consistency, and reliability. Whether you're aiming to top the leaderboards or simply surpass your personal best, ELEY Semi-Auto Benchrest Precision is the ammunition of choice for shooters who aim to win.

Your Precision, Our Passion:

Choose ELEY Semi-Auto Benchrest Precision for your next competition and experience the pinnacle of shooting excellence. With ELEY, precision isn't just a feature; it's a promise.

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