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Fourth Arrow Stiff Camera Arm & Video Head Package

Stiff Arm Features

The affordable base system allows for a camera arm base with every treestand meaning quieter and faster setups.

Our compact patent pending shoulder easily slides into the base and brings you precision leveling with 360 degrees of rotation and 60 degrees of total angle. This is over TWICE our competitors range of motion, allowing you to level your camera arm anywhere.

Furthermore, the Fourth Arrow system packs extremely well. Whether you are packing in a base or already have one in the tree, the system is designed to minimize wasted space in your pack.

    •    Lightweight aluminum construction
    •    360 degree leveling on any tree
    •    Extremely packable design
    •    Affordable multi base system (put a base in every tree you hunt frequently)
    •    3/8” 16 threading for mounting a video head
    •    Fourth Arrow video head available for smooth camera motion

The Stiff Arm is our #1 selling camera arm with self filmers and cameramen all over North America endorsing it.

This Kit Includes:

    •    Fourth Arrow Stiff Arm

    •   Video Head with Quick Release Plate

    •   Fourth Arrow Shoulder (Standard 2.0)

    •    Fourth Arrow Standard Base (2.0)
    •    Ratchet Strap
    •    Fourth Arrow Shoulder Tool

Weight only: 1 lbs 13 oz
Kit Weight (Shoulder, Base, Ratchet, Camera Arm): 5 lb 13 oz lbs
Length of arm: 32 inches
Total Reach: 38 inches
Rated weight: 10 lbs 

Video Arm Features

Video heads are essential for smooth footage while filming your hunt. The Fourth Arrow Video head is a small, lightweight head with fluid motion designed for use with camcorders and small DSLRs. Our Video Head comes complete with a quick release plate that screws into the bottom of your camera and attaches to the body of the Video Head for easy removal. A small, basic, yet fully functional head for recording your hunt.

Has 3/8" 16 threading on the button. Quick release plate has 1/4" 20 threading.


    •    Lightweight and compact
    •    Smooth Motion
    •    3/8” 16 threading for mounting to any Fourth Arrow Tree Arm (or Tripod or Monopod)
    •    Quick release plate with standard 1/4” 20 camera mount
    •    Works great with any DSLR, Bridge camera, or handy-cam up to 10 lbs

Total Weight: 1 lb

Never be frustrated with your camera arm again. We have teamed up with professional hunting videographers to bring you the ultimate hunting camera arm. If you hunt from a tree, and have multiple setups, you can't beat the adjustability, packability, dependability and affordability of The Fourth Arrow Stiff Arm.

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1 Review

Dan 2020 Jun 23rd

One and done

This is my second camera arm and base. I bought one of those cheap HHM screw in camera arms with camera mount. It was very cheap. The bolts would come undone if you moved the arm. And if you didn’t mount it perfectly level. Well, you would have to spend another 5-10 min unscrewing it and then screwing back in in a new spot. Forth Arrow, Base, Arm, head. It’s a great product. Only complaint. The wrench. That thing bangs around every chance it gets. And I don’t want to cut it from the base. ( string holding to the base) because we all know. I will loose it. Add some stealth strips or fabric tape and this baby is golden. Well with the money.

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