crossbreed 100 grain mechanical add on broadhead

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The Crossbreed represents a first of it's kind in the field of Broadhead design and functionality, born from good old Aussie ingenuity.

The Crossbreed is a versatile mechanical 2 Blade Broadhead CNC machined from tough and durable alloy, featuring 2 razor sharp stainless steel blades.

The Crossbreed is designed to be coupled with any broadhead of your choice providing maximum penetration, cutting diameter and ultimately devastating wound channels for fast heavy blood loss and quick recovery of your chosen quarry.

The Crossbreed simply inserts into your arrow shaft like any other arrow point, and then you attach your chosen broadhead to the end of the Crossbreed. This versatile design provides the best of both worlds, allowing your chosen broadhead to make the initial penetration and cut, followed by the deployment of the Crossbreed for double devastation.

Supplied in a pack of 3, the Crossbreed comes complete with 15 spare O-Rings, 6 spare blades and 12 spacers for perfect allignment with your chosen broadhead.

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